About Us

Welcome to Cassie Lynne Treasured Designs, where we enjoy helping you create memories.  In our hearts we believe that jewelry is more than adornment; it creates an experience that should embrace your personal style.  We are dedicated to creating experiences that become wonderful memories. 

Jewelry, in our perspective, is a reflection of your personality and a celebration of life’s special moments.  A celebration of who you are.  It should not only make you look good but also make you feel good—confident, pretty, valued, and accomplished. 

Our collection showcases a blend of new and estate pieces.  Choose a special treasure that will become a part of your unique story.  We will fit your style and your budget. 

At Cassie Lynne, we aren’t simply selling jewelry.  We’re creating memories.

Cassie Lynne.  Treasured Designs…..Treasured Memories.   

We understand the importance of Customer Service.  For any inquiries, please contact us at support@cassielynne.com.

Established in 1990 (parent company); online sales since 2023.